The Oakdale Irrigation District strives to provide dependable irrigation and domestic water service to its constituents at the lowest and most efficient cost possible. The District is committed to excellence in resource management and all aspects of its operation.

Within the scope of the District's enabling legislation, we seek to accomplish what cannot be done effectively on an individual basis. We are a creation and extension of the people of the community. We are obligated to serve the public interest throughout our functions.


7:30 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M. MON.-FRI.
Effective 11/02/12 District Office will be closed every other Friday.

WATER CHARGES DUE:                              MyWater Account Access Instructions
All water charges for 2016 are due by
December 30, 2016.  If the water charges are
not paid by the start of the 2017 irrigation season
you will be ineligible to receive water until paid
in full.

First Installment of Water Delivery Fee is due on December 30, 2016
Second Installment of Water Delivery Fee is due on June 20, 2017

GENERAL MANAGER'S STATEMENT (Updated 06-27-16 -  "2015 Audit Report")
   Lessons Learned from Four Years of Drought
   Note:  Go to About OID/A Word from the GM.


Two-Mile Bar Tunnel Project Pre-bid Meeting Notification

  Contract Documents
Contract and Tech Specs
     2.  Geotechnical Baseline Report
     3.  Drawings
  Reference Documents
Design Report
     2.  Geologic Data Report
  Addendum No. 1 20161212 QA
  AutoCAD and Project  (This file takes longer than normal to open.)
  Sign-In Sheets OID TMB Pre-Bid Mtg. 20161215
  Addendum No. 2 20161216
  Addendum No. 3 20161221
  Addendum No. 4 20161230
  Addendum No. 5 20170111

Ag Water Management Plan 2015 (Adopted on March 1, 2016)

Miscellaneous Rates & Charges Schedule - Revised February 21, 2017

EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION - State Controller's Office

If you are interested in sending letters on the Water Quality Control Plan
please visit the Save the Stan web site via the link provided on the left.

Notice:  Stanislaus County has set up a hotline for homeowners experiencing domestic dry wells and are interested in the Temporary Water Assistance (TWA) program.  The program allows homeowners to apply for the installation of temporary water tanks with on-going water delivery through our partner non-profit, Self-Help Enterprises.  The application can be found at  The hotline number is (209) 552-3880.