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Oakdale Irrigation District Initiates Phase I of TCC®

The Phase I Total Channel Control System Modernization Project (Project) will involve the removal and replacement of selected canal structures on existing water conveyance facilities, specifically OID’s Burnett, Kearney, Hirschfeld, and Tulloch Laterals. The existing canal structures consist of centerline drop structures and landowner delivery structures, or turnouts.  Automated canal gates, known as FlumeGates and produced by Rubicon Water, will be installed to replace existing center gates as part of the Project. The FlumeGates can be operated locally or remotely from a tablet or computer. Total Channel Control (TCC) refers to an operational mode in which the gates along a given canal communicate to each other, so that fluctuations in flow can be compensated by the neighboring gates automatically. Rubicon FlumeMeters or SlipMeters, which are flow control and measurement devices, will be installed on some landowner turnouts and at some OID headgates as part of the Project. There will be no new water conveyance facilities constructed as part of the Project, and all work will take place within OID’s existing canal footprint and rights of way.